What fancy pants mean? (2023)

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What does it mean fancy pants?

fancy-pants (plural fancy pants) Alternative spelling of fancy pants. Someone fancy, silly or attractive. That fancy-pants came around for you. You still with those fancy-pants from downtown.

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What does it mean when someone says they fancy the pants off you?

DEFINITIONS1. to think someone is sexually very attractive. Synonyms and related words. Feeling sexual excitement or desire.

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Where did the term fancy pants come from?

ETYMOLOGY: From fancy, a contraction of fantasy, from Old French fantasie, from Latin phantasia, from Greek phantasia (imagination, appearance), from phantazein (to make visible) + pants, short for pantaloons, plural of pantaloon.

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What does pants mean in slang?

(UK, slang) Rubbish; something worthless. You're talking pants!

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What are smarty pants?

noun. Britannica Dictionary definition of SMARTY–PANTS. [noncount] informal + disapproving. : a person who talks and behaves like someone who knows everything.

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When did fancy pants originate?

The Fancy Pants Adventures is a 2-dimensional drawing-based platformer flash game series created by Brad Borne. The series was launched on March 14, 2006, with the release of World 1. The series officially became popular in the 2009 Comic-Con, when he announced that he would start working on World 3.

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What does fancy mean in slang?

If you fancy someone, you feel attracted to them, especially in a sexual way. [British, informal] Synonyms: be attracted to, find attractive, desire, lust after More Synonyms of fancy. 5.

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What does the phrase fancy that mean?

idiom. used to comment on something that is hard to imagine. "The baby she brought home was the wrong one." "Fancy that!"

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What does pants mean in a relationship?

idiom US informal (UK wear the trousers) (especially of a woman) to be the person in a relationship who is in control and who makes decisions for both people: Brian may seem domineering, but it's Lisa that really wears the pants in that relationship.

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How do you respond when someone says they fancy you?

Thank them for their interest, and be honest about your feelings. The simplest response to someone telling you they like you is to say “thank you.” This acknowledges their feelings without committing to anything. It also shows that you are flattered by the compliment and appreciate their interest.

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What does it mean when he says he fancies you?

If you fancy someone, you feel attracted to them, especially in a sexual way.

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What does fancy dress mean in America?

Fancy dress is clothing that you wear for a party at which everyone tries to look like a famous person or a person from a story, from history, or from a particular profession. Guests were told to come in fancy dress.

What fancy pants mean? (2023)
Why does fancy mean in British?

So let's look at the next meaning, In Uk slang fancy means to be sexually attracted to someone, for example “Wow all the boys really fancy Emily!” meaning all the boys found Emily very attractive.

When did fancy become a word?

The adjective fancy, meaning “fine, ornamental,” did not appear until 1753; it developed from attributive use of the noun in the sense “designed to please the taste or fancy.”

What do Americans call pants?


What does pee your pants mean?

to urinate in your clothes: Tilly had wet her pants so I was looking for somewhere to change her.

Who has the pants meaning?

to be the person in a relationship who has the most control and makes most of the decisions.

What does it mean when a girl calls you SmartyPants?

Meaning of smarty-pants in English

someone who wants to appear to be intelligent: [ as form of address ] Okay, smarty-pants, you tell me how to do it.

Is calling someone a SmartyPants an insult?

(used as a mildly abusive term of address or to refer to someone with contempt): Who invited that smarty-pants--everyone hates her!

Why is it called SmartyPants?

The terms smarty-pants and smarty-boots are reminders of a time when the word smarty was used to mean a know-it-all or someone who is too smart for his own good or overconfident. This definition of smarty dates back to the 1860s. The terms smarty-pants and smarty-boots date to the 1920s-1930s.

What were old pants called?

In later representations of the character, the breeches and stockings were replaced by long trousers. When trousers of a similar style became popular during the Restoration in England, they became known as pantaloons, Pantaloon being an Anglicization of Pantalone.

When did pants become a man thing?

Until the end of the 18th century, bifurcated European garments took forms such as breeches, knickerbockers, and pantaloons. By 1820 trousers as they are known today had come into general use among men.

When did pants become gendered?

While there were some women who championed pants in the 19th century, pants as an acceptable everyday clothing option for women didn't truly catch on until the mid-20th century. The adoption of pants as a popular item of dress for women in Western society traces its roots to the mid-19th-century dress-reform movement.

Who uses the word fancy?

A: For centuries, the word “fancy”—noun, verb, and adjective—has been associated with imagination, fantasy, and desire. And you're right in thinking that in some of its senses “fancy” is more widely used today in Britain than in the US. The verb in particular is used more broadly and more flexibly by British speakers.

What is another way to say fancy?

synonyms for fancy
  1. complicated.
  2. decorative.
  3. deluxe.
  4. elegant.
  5. frilly.
  6. gaudy.
  7. lavish.
  8. ornate.

What can I say instead of fancy?

Synonyms of fancy
  • detailed.
  • intricate.
  • elegant.
  • complicated.
  • elaborate.
  • sophisticated.
  • complex.
  • involved.

How is fancy used in a sentence?

Do you fancy going to see a movie sometime? I just fancied a drink. She did not suspect that his interest was just a passing fancy. I think he thinks I fancy him or something.

Is fancy positive or negative?

It depends on context, and you may want to ask for clarification. It could be positive: there are more features than expected, it goes beyond minimum expectations and offers extra effort or extra value, it is not plain (bad), it is fancy (better).

What does fancy girl mean?

fancy girl (plural fancy girls) (historical) A female slave kept for sex; a concubine.

What does it mean to pants a guy?

pantsed; pantsing; pantses. transitive verb. US, informal : to yank down the pants of (someone) as a prank or joke. Sandler plays Dave Buznik, a Brooklyn-born wimp, a patsy, a schlemiel so mild-mannered he makes other people want to pants him.

What does it mean to want to get in someone's pants?

(idiomatic, colloquial) To have sex with someone, especially for the first time. quotations ▼

What girls pants means?

slang The ability to behave as a mature adult woman should. The phrase is typically used pejoratively to imply that one is not behaving in such a way. Come on, Linda, you need to put on your big-girl pants and own up to your lies. I know you're not a morning person, but put on your big-girl pants and go to work.

How do you respond to a flirty comment?

6 August 2021.
  1. “Aw thanks! That made me smile.”
  2. “Wow you just made my day.”
  3. “My friends are gonna ask me why I'm blushing right now.”
  4. If you're looking to deflect from the compliment, you can change the subject by asking questions and talking about something else. “Thanks! Do you have any fun plans this weekend?”

What to say to a girl you fancy?

120 Sweet Things to Say to a Girl
  • I can't stop thinking about you.
  • How are you today?
  • Your smile is on my mind.
  • I really enjoyed the time we spent together today.
  • Being with you makes me incredibly happy.
  • You make me feel like a million bucks.
  • I have been so much happier since we started spending time together.
Apr 13, 2018

How do you tell if a guy truly likes you?

22 Subtle Signs A Guy Likes You, From Dating Experts
  • He leans toward you during conversation. ...
  • He angles his body toward you in the room. ...
  • He finds small ways to compliment you. ...
  • He makes eye contact. ...
  • He steals a glance at you. ...
  • He singles you out in a group. ...
  • He seems drawn to you in the room.
Nov 26, 2021

What does it mean to dress up fancy?

: to make more attractive, glamorous, or fancy.

Why do people wear fancy dress?

Fancy dress parties are usually themed (for example '1980s' or 'Hollywood'). Everyone is expected to wear clothes that match the theme. Many people like fancy dress because it gives them a reason to talk to strangers and feel less socially awkward.

What is the meaning of Fancy Nancy?

Fancy Nancy is a series of books about a little girl, Nancy, who likes everything to be fancy, including her vocabulary. This means that on almost every page there is a rare or uncommon word, which makes the series ideal for introducing higher level vocabulary.

Is fancy a real word?

Fancy can be an adjective, noun, or a verb. As an adjective, it's the opposite of plain. The noun names something that isn't real. When someone likes or wants something, the verb can be used: “I fancy a cup of tea.” Doesn't that sound fancy?

What is a fancy boy?

Meaning of fancy man in English

the man that a person is having a sexual relationship with, but is not married to: "Don't start bringing your fancy man here with you," he said.

What's a Boujee girl?

Boujee refers to a materialistic person. Boujee is an internet slang term that refers to people who enjoy their riches. Home. Teen Slang Meanings.

What is the plural of fancy?

Noun. fancy (plural fancies)

What are female pants called?

Panties (in American English; also called pants, undies, or knickers in British English) are a form of women's underwear.

What do Brits call hoodies?

Common British terms are: * Jumper - particularly if made of wool, but not exclusively. * Fleece - if made of nylon fleece. * Hoodie - if fitted with a hood.

What do British people call shorts?

Terminological differences

The British English term, short trousers, is used, only for shorts that are a short version of ordinary trousers (i.e., pants or slacks in American English).

What is it called when you wet yourself?

Urinary incontinence is the unintentional passing of urine. It's a common problem thought to affect millions of people. There are several types of urinary incontinence, including: stress incontinence – when urine leaks out at times when your bladder is under pressure; for example, when you cough or laugh.

What is peeing and pooping called?

What are enuresis and encopresis? Enuresis means urinating (peeing) where you shouldn't (e.g., in bed or in clothing). Encopresis means defecating (pooping) where you shouldn't (e.g., in clothes or on the floor).

Why do girls pee their pants when they laugh?

The medical term for leaking urine when you sneeze, laugh, or cough is stress urinary incontinence, which is a type of pelvic floor dysfunction. When you cough unexpectedly, burst into laughter or even hit that sprint on the treadmill, and small amount of urine leaks out, this is stress urinary incontinence.

What does calling someone pants mean?

uncountable noun. If you say that something is pants, you mean that it is very poor in quality. [British, informal]

What do you call fancy clothing?

dressy. adjective. dressy clothes are worn on formal occasions.

What do you call fancy attire?

Also known as “full evening dress”, white tie attire is considered the most formal of all dress codes. The white tie dress code indicates that guests are high-caliber, royal, or have high social standing.

What is another word for fancy clothes?

What is another word for fancy dress?
20 more rows

How do you fancy up an outfit?

  1. 5 easy ways to dress up an outfit.
  2. ADD DRESSY SHOES. This is one of my favorite ways to dress up an outfit – just add some dressy shoes! ...
  3. ADD JEWELRY. Jewelry is always my go-to for making an outfit feel finished and polished. ...
  4. ADD A DRESSY JACKET. I recognize that it's summer time! ...
  5. ADD A DRESSY BAG. ...
Jun 9, 2021

What is fancy casual?

It's a dress code that calls for special event clothing that's trendy, relaxed and comfortable. Think of the dress code as attire that is dressier than what you would wear to work, but not as formal as what you would wear to black-tie or formal events.

What is a fancy dress party answer?

a party at which the guests wear fancy dress.

What is slang for outfit?

duds (informal) apparel. clobber (British, slang) attire. garb.

What is the most popular fancy dress?

50 Best Fancy Dress Ideas for Students
  1. Thunderbirds Fancy Dress. ...
  2. Tetris Block Party Fancy Dress. ...
  3. Teletubbies Fancy Dress. ...
  4. Pub Golf Fancy Dress. ...
  5. Pink Ladies Fancy Dress. ...
  6. CowboysFancy Dress. ...
  7. 118 Fancy Dress. ...
  8. Ghostbusters Fancy Dress.
Feb 28, 2022

Are jeans considered fancy?

Jeans are usually considered business casual, with some exceptions. Business casual jeans should be clean and in good condition, free of any tears, fading or fraying. Avoid bright-colored jeans or styles that have flashy details, in favor of classic styles that you can pair with accessories or layers as needed.

How do you dress fancy casual?

Add a blazer or sport coat over a shirt for extra dressiness. Bottoms: Chinos, dress pants, or slacks are all great choices. If you want to wear jeans, opt for slim-fitting dark or black jeans with no rips or distressing.

What is another term for formal style?

classicism. nounsimple style; regularity, restraint. Atticism. Ciceronianism. Hellenism.

What is a good word for fancy?

synonyms for fancy
  • complicated.
  • decorative.
  • deluxe.
  • elegant.
  • frilly.
  • gaudy.
  • lavish.
  • ornate.


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