How do you say baby girl in France? (2023)

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What do you call a baby girl in French?

une petite fille ⧫ un bébé

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What is the French word for pretty girl?

a pretty girl [example]

une jolie môme [slg.]

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What is beautiful little girl in French?

She's a beautiful little girl. C'est une belle petite fille.

How do you say New girl in French?

the new girl {noun} [example]

la nouvelle {f} [ex.]

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What do French call their lover?

Mon beau / Ma belle / Ma beauté

Mon beau is typically used for a boyfriend, but can also be used for a close friend or family member, while ma belle is for women. Ma beauté can be used for both female and male loved ones.

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What is Bella in France?

Etymology. From French belle (“beautiful”), from Latin bella.

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What is the prettiest French word?

15 Most Beautiful Words in French
  • Douceur.
  • Feuilleter.
  • Onirique.
  • Flâner.
  • Chuchoter.
  • Rêvasser.
  • Éphémère.
  • Émerveiller.

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What do the French call babies?

Adults also call kids mon fils (boys), ma fille (girls) or mon chou (boys and girls). Babies and toddlers are bout de chou. Friends also express affection with words like mon vieux and mec for guys and ma belle for girls. For a group of friends, use les plus another term, such as les copains.

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What is Je Suis Belle?

I Am Beautiful (Je suis belle)

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What is Petit Cheri?

Translating literally to 'Little Darling', Petit Chéri is our stylish range of vintage baby gifts.

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What is tres belle?

Tres Belle, meaning very beautiful.

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What does bébé fille mean?

bébé fille baby girl mst gt-Google Translate; mst-Microsoft Translate.

How do you say baby girl in France? (2023)
How do you say girl in French slang?

Meuf is the equivalent of saying 'woman', 'girl' or 'bird' in English and is often used to describe a woman who is sexually desirable.

What is Bonjour Cheri?

Translation of "Bonjour chéri" in English

hi honey. hi, darling.

What is only child girl in French?

Summary. The French translation for “an only child (female)” is une fille unique.

How French call their girlfriend?

23 French Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

Ma biche, ma bichette – my doe – yeah, I know it looks bad in English! Ma Puce – my flea (yes, I know, it's embarrassing) – also “Pupuce”… Very common love nickname in France…

What is a kiss called in France?

Of course, it wasn't called a “French kiss” in France. It was just a kiss. The French didn't even have a word for the style of kissing until 2014, when the Petit Robert dictionary added a new verb: “Galocher.” It literally means “to kiss with tongues.”

How do you call a sweetheart in French?

Mon amour – “My love” Mon ange – “My angel” Ma chérie or mon cher – “My darling” (use could also use this one for a man)

What does gorgeous girl mean in French?

a gorgeous girl [example]

un beau brin de fille [ex.]

What is Bella Vita mean?

"Bella vita" means beautiful life in Italian. "Bella Vita"

What does Bibi mean in French?

What does it mean? Bibi – pronounced bee-bee – is an informal, often humoristic, stand-in for the word moi (me). It's often used in the phrase c'est bibi (it's me), for example as the answer to a rhetorical question.

What are some cute French words?

20 Cute French Words That Will Melt Your Heart
  • Un bisou (kiss) Note that in French Québec, this word can be shortened to bee with your children. ...
  • Des bijoux (jewelry) ...
  • Ma belle/mon beau (my beautiful/my handsome) ...
  • Ma joie (my joy) ...
  • Un câlin (hug or cuddle) ...
  • Un canard (duck) ...
  • Sa suce (pacifier or binky) ...
  • Mon chat (cat)
Dec 7, 2022

Does French have a word for love?

The French word for love is L'amour.

What is French for adorable?

Declension of the adjective adorable adorable, delightful, cuddly

What is Lolo in France?

lolo (feminine lola) grandfather.

What does Lolo mean in French?

(slang, vulgar) a woman's breast.

What is Mimi short for in French?

TEST YOUR FRENCH. Free with no obligation to buy. (un bébé) mignon : (a) cute, adorable (baby) mimi : cute familier. Mimi is slang for mignon (cute).

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What is Petit Frere?

petit frère, le ~ (m) little brother, the ~ Noun.

Can you call a girl mon Cheri?

Definition of Mon Chéri

Mon chéri is the male form. You would use this when speaking with a boy or a man. When speaking with a woman, you would use ma chérie .

What does mon petit chaton?

Mon chaton

Use this simple term to say my kitten. Once you've mastered that, you can say mon p'tit chaton to mean my little kitty toward either gender.

What is Mon Cherie?

Mon chéri means “my dear” or “sweetheart” in French. It's an adorable term of endearment for a male person someone is fond of, romantically or platonically.

What does J adore?

Definition. The meaning of “J'adore” is a complex mix between “I really like” and “I love“. We use it to express enjoyment about something or when we are asked about our preferences.

Do the French say tres chic?

Etymology. Borrowed from French très chic (“very stylish”).

What is fille de joie?

French (fij də ʒwa ) nounWord forms: plural filles de joie (fij də ʒwa ) a prostitute. Word origin. girl of pleasure.

What does La Jolie fille mean?

beautiful girl, the ~ Noun. pretty girl, the ~ Noun.

What does fille de joie?

fille de joie (plural filles de joie) A female prostitute; a courtesan.

What do French people call their babies?

Adults also call kids mon fils (boys), ma fille (girls) or mon chou (boys and girls). Babies and toddlers are bout de chou. Friends also express affection with words like mon vieux and mec for guys and ma belle for girls.

What is a Cheri?

adjective. darling [adjective] much loved. My darling child!

What is a Cherie?

chérie in American English

(ʃeiˈʀi) French. nounWord forms: plural -ries (-ˈʀi) dear; sweetheart: used in referring to or addressing a woman or girl.

What is Belle fille?

Noun. belle-fille f (plural belles-filles) daughter-in-law (wife of one's child)

What is a Kiki in French?

kiki (cou):

to strangle sb.

Can you call a girl mon cheri?

Definition of Mon Chéri

Mon chéri is the male form. You would use this when speaking with a boy or a man. When speaking with a woman, you would use ma chérie .

What does Cara Mia mean in French?

it means "my dear", referring to a woman ("Caro mio" would be the masculine)

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