Does Germany recognize US marriage? (2023)

Are US marriages recognized in Germany?

The basic rule is that a marriage entered into abroad will be regarded as valid in Germany if the legal provisions relating to marriage of that foreign state were abided by.

Is US marriage certificate valid in Europe?

Americans Who Married Abroad

According to the U.S. Department of State, marriages performed abroad are locally valid marriages, provided that they comply with all applicable laws of the foreign city, state, and country where they take place.

How do I certify my marriage in Germany?

If a German citizen is getting married abroad, the marriage may be registered upon request at the competent Registrar's Office (“Standesamt”) in Germany and a German marriage certificate will be issued.

Are marriages Recognised internationally?

Overseas marriages cannot be registered in Australia. However, the marriage will usually be legally recognised in Australia, if: it's legally recognised in the country you were married. it would be considered legal if the marriage had taken place in Australia.

Is my US marriage valid in another country?

Marriages performed overseas are considered valid in the country where they take place if they are entered into in accordance with local law. Recognition of the validity of marriages performed abroad depends on the laws of the place in which the marriage is to be recognized.

Is US divorce valid in Germany?

As far as German law is concerned, a marriage divorced abroad is considered to continue to exist until the foreign divorce decree has been recognized by the competent Land Department of Justice.

Do I need to register my marriage if I get married abroad?

When people get married abroad, a very common question asked is whether they need to register their marriage on their return to their home country or their place of residence. The answer is YES!

How can I prove my marriage abroad?

You can use the Getting Married Abroad tool on GOV.UK to find out who you need to contact to confirm your requirements. Some countries will request a 'Certificate of No Impediment'. This can only be provided for British nationals at the Register Office in the district that you live in.

How can I prove my marriage in another country?

If you were married abroad, contact the embassy or consulate of the country where the marriage was performed to obtain a certified copy of your foreign marriage document. Who may request a copy of a Certificate of Witness to Marriage Abroad : The individual(s) whose marriage is recorded on the document.

Does Germany recognize common law marriage?

Germany does not recognize common law marriages and requires a mandatory civil wedding ceremony before a registrar of vital statistics (“Standesbeamter”) at the local Office of Vital Statistics (“Standesamt”), located in the Town Hall (“Rathaus”), § 1310 BGB (BurgerlicheS Gesetzbuch, German Civil Code).

Does Germany allow dual citizenship through marriage?

You can apply for citizenship if you have permanent residence in Germany and if: You have lived in Germany for at least eight years of residence legally. You have been married to a German citizen (or partner) for at least three years. You are stateless.

Which countries recognize common law marriage?

In addition to regular marriage, Australia, Brazil, and 11 US states recognize common law (or de facto) marriage, which allows one or both cohabiting partners to claim, under certain conditions, that an informal union is a marriage.

Can I get married at a US embassy in Germany?

Who may perform marriages in Germany? Only marriages performed at the local Office of Vital Statistics (Standesamt) are legally valid in Germany. A church ceremony may be held later, if desired. Consular officers cannot perform marriages.


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